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Death's backdoor
Death’s Backdoor
Thomas staggered down the last steps of the Bone Stair and collapsed.“Get up,” He told himself. “Get up. Get up. GET UP.”  There was little urgency to the words; they were merely a command given to an exhausted body. Groaning deeply, Thomas dug his fingers into a crack and pulled himself up, the act leaving deep lacerations in already scarred flesh. He sat there panting for a long second, and then lifted his head to gaze along the beach of cracked stone. It ran infinitely to his left and right, a vista interrupted only by the wide, sweeping bottoms of the countless Bone Stairs. They all looked the same: high, white steps of ageless bone framed by an inky balustrade that climbed up the sheer mountain face and vanished in the stagnant mists. Thomas looked forward, staring past the beach to where an ocean of black sand lay: one of the last great obstacles between him and Death’s backdoor.
Loose gravel scraped to his left and a skel
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A barely sensical line
A day so bright that the light spilling from torches would cast shadows across the earth
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Home defense system :iconpeace-in-violence:Peace-In-Violence 3 0
Synopsis for The Darkness That Slept
After their disappearance, few believed they were truly gone, for such nightmares could not die so easily. Now, centuries later, most have forgotten even their myth, forgotten why men are supposed to fear the dark.
They walk the earth once again, their footsteps sounding as a herald to a forgotten conflict, a conflict born of fathomless hate. Their words are like the chiming of a bell, resonating coldly across the land to awaken all the dark, terrible things that have slumbered in their absence, insuring that nothing of good or light survives.
All that opposes them is a tired family and a scattered collection of madmen, outcasts, mystics, and deceivers, most of whom do not even realize fate is tethered to them. They are the seneschals of light and even the Gods cannot predict their futures.
Sides are being taken, alliance formed, and old pacts shattered. Everything is drowning in a flood of rising chaos, and the only thing that is certain is that this world and her people will bleed.
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Introduction, major characters :iconpeace-in-violence:Peace-In-Violence 10 7


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Hey there, I thought I might try and rustle up that critique for you. Feel free to ignore me though. Like you said in the description, ...

by Geist19

Hey there, I thought I might try and rustle up a critique for you. Feel free to ignore me though. Let me start by saying this is well d...

Hey there, I thought I might try and rustle up that critique you wanted. Feel free to ignore my advice though. On the whole this looks ...

Hey there,I thought I might try and rustle up that critique you wanted. Everything I say is just my opinion so feel free to ignore me. ...


Many fair greetings to you all. Now as you, my hordes of nonexistent followers, may have discovered, my brother and I are aspiring writers. We've self-published one book and we're currently refining the next (we gonna try traditional publishing this time).  On a more immediate note, we've just finished a short story.  Yes, yes that's terribly boring I know, but on a more exciting note we ( my brother and I) snuck into an mental asylum and made off with one of the inmates, a poor woman we then enslaved on set to working on a audiobook version of that short story. You can find the results here-   
Well that's everything for now.
Fare thee well my future friends.
I'm just putting this here to say that I'm always around ( at least usually, the odd world ending disaster does crop up) so if you've got any question or propositions ( I'm open to most things) I should be able answer by the end of the day if not sooner.
I've recently gotten into the critique business so if you'd like my opinion, a quick lesson or just a fresh set of eyes feel free to message me, no charge even. Heck, even if you just want to talk about nothing in particular go ahead and send me a note. I must warn you however, that I wax a little weird at times.
I think that's everything.
 Fare thee well my future friends. 
P.S. You can use anything of mine that you want ( non profit of course) so long as I get credited and you warn that it's non-cannon.


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United States
Being a character of low moral fiber, I've decided to post various pieces of my art on this most disreputable site. Why? Well I'm hoping to gain some notoriety/ advertisement for a book my brother and I have been writing for...oh I don't know about a decade now.
While this is my main goal, it's hardly a solitary one; by creating a profile I'm hoping to both improve my art, the necessity of consistent uploads should help with this, as well meet other artists who are equally loopy to myself.
Be forewarned, however, my profile says I'm a student and that's excruciatingly accurate, so browse at your own risk.
I can't think of anything else, so Fare Thee Well my future friends.


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There's somebody out there who needs points much more than I do, as such my advice is that you go find them and give them whatever points you would have given me. All the same, it might be interesting to commission some people and it can't hurt.

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